The Deeping Cold outside says to me, “Jack, it is a good time be indoors cutting copper into the flying fish of provision.”

“Indeed!” says I,  “but let us not forget those who toil without such comfort.”

“Verily!” says the Deeping Cold.

plate making01


plate making02

edge dust

plate making03

the transition

plate making04


plate making05

upon which to draw

plate making10


plate making06


plate making07


plate making08

hard meets soft

plate making09

line upon line

plate making11

slowly slowly

Freeze and Thaw: Failure and Success

2012, Drypoint of Moses in the Rock, 4 1/2″ x 6″.  Unlike an engraving which captures the ink in incised lines, the drypoint image is made by scratching the copper with a stylus, which raises a bur, trapping the ink on the surface of the plate.  This produces a “softer” or “fuzzier” line than the crisp and precise engraved line.  This also makes deeper tones possible, which I wanted for this image.  I am not sure that I have not failed in my attempt.  Yet I am not disappointed.  Failure is the plough.

Fire and Gravel.  2012, Engraving of Waking Man drawing a comet, 3″ x 4 1/2″.  The difference in line quality is readily observed in this engraved image.

A slightly earlier state of the Moses drypoint.


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Slideshow of  images from the printing process.