I have been printing an edition of Flying Fish, a copper-plate engraving about the miracle of provision experienced by Thor Heyerdahl and his crew in the Pacific Ocean on their balsa log raft, the Kon Tiki.  This print is for sale at the Baumwerk Etsy store. …a Walking Man drawing for my friend Steven.


“Rootrill” I hope that you will forgive me for posting an eleven minute song in the twenty first century.  Mostly, I hope that you enjoy it.


Prairie Creek Dining Table in white oak and black walnut. Red Elm window sill and shelf moving from rough to smooth. and being joined longways. Obed Edom is getting his finishing touches.   A test print is pulled to see what needs adjusting. John Beartrist Laceroot is stirring. Jonas is free from his box and wondering if it could be time to tell his story…

A Vessel, Strange and Unknown Finds Walking Man

 When You Spoke, guitar, accordion, banjo, and voice.  

Walking Man, Root

A new drawing of Walking Man with some contextual review.  And a traditional tune called The Gobby-O, played by the skin of my teeth on the tenor banjo, with spoons and guitar.  

Salt Creek

Layers of history at the bottom of the ancient ocean… John Beartrist Laceroot Theme, 5-string banjo

Small History of Flying Fish

sandstone, guitar …If we set the little paraffin lamp out at night, flying fish were attracted by the light and large and small, shot over the raft… …It sometimes happened that we heard an outburst of strong language from a man on deck when a cold flying fish came unexpectedly, at a good speed, slap into his face… …They always came at a good…

Of Past and Future Prints

Plenty of two-dimensional work today:  First, some hand-colored prints of Jacob Wrestling the Angel of God.  A few of these are available if they strike you.  Next, are some studies for a large, 18″ x 12″, lino-cut of Obed Edom.  Finally, a few more prints and drawings. Finally and thankfully, I was engaged by the keen and mysterious richness of this astonishing poem , from Tom Hirons yesterday.  As a rule, I…

The Un-mixing of Walking Man

When I Go Out I Wear a Disguise, banjo, guitar and midi organ and singing