October Pull

Frosty Morning, traditional, banjo, guitar, mandolin and bones

Walking Man On a Boat in the Mist

song: The Yellow Boat, banjo and voice

Out on a Limb

I am stepping out on a limb.  This time it is about the song.  I have no realistic aims at professional musicianship.  I tend towards the traditions where music was a social or intimate art form practiced by amateurs who spent more time in the dirt than the conservatory.   That maybe a justification for a poorer quality than what is available, so be…


From the Song of the Ancient, here is a small turned and carved vessel in black walnut and osage orange. The idea isn’t fully formed or unified, but it is advancing. As the yellow osage wood ages it will turn a deep red-orange, nearly as dark as the walnut.

Luminous Earth

Those of you who are regular visitors know I have been slowly overhauling the pages here at The School of the Transfer of Energy.  If you are new, know you know too.  There are still some pages to rebuild, but for the latest, please take a few moments to visit the new Painting page.  This has been perhaps the most personally interesting page to…

Walking Man Within the Sea

The Space Dance, by Jack Baumgartner

The Puppet Pages

I have completed and installed four different pages about puppetry for The School of the Transfer of Energy.  The main page is under the work heading, hover over it and there are three additional pages, including drawings, and the script for The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot.  I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for visiting.

Puppet Theater Pages in the Wings

I am building a new group of pages for The School of the Transfer of Energy Puppet Theater.  In the meantime here are a few pictures as an appetizer.

The Commissioning of Walking Man Into a Mystery and Problem

Through The Windy, banjo and accordion, by Jack Baumgartner