A Portrait of the Workshop in April

The provision for me in my shop this past week:  cutting dovetails in black walnut for a chest, some goat-milk and lime paint for the butcher block legs, and finishing up the milling of the mighty locust.

Big Bear of a Locust Log

We cut this big dead Honey-Locust (Gleditsia triancanthos) at Boaz last fall.  I cut him in half out there free-hand, which took nearly 3 hours, then hauled him home.  After some flattening I cut the halves into 3.5″ slabs.  I still had to use the tractor to move them.

Black Walnut: Stock Preparation


Wide Black-Walnut stickered and acclimating since September

DSC_0019 DSC_0026

Flattening with a router and jig


Cutting to over-length (with a badly neglected Diston. I sharpened and set the teeth and she cuts quick and true, though in need of a polish and new handle).


Acclimating once again and awaiting final dimensioning.


Oak, Iron, Copper, Pine, and Walnut


Wood-rick and Dressing Oak

Here is my small woodrick inspired by the folks at Plimoth Plantation.  With a small door to admit the chickens.  

From the top.

From the west


Dressing a plank of red oak.  The radius of the iron leaves tracks.

The iron with a pail-bottom radius takes heavy shavings.

Chainsaw-milled and well seasoned,

Cut just north of the heart with enough character to remain functional.

Prairie Clover and a Sawmill

Round-headed prairie-clover (left) and White prairie-clover from northwest pasture – good forage

Custom-built sawmill bought at an action last month

Another view of the saw

Good label

New lean-to built on the west side of the shop

Scribed rough sawn walnut panel for a chest