White Oak and Cherry

White Oak and Cherry05 White Oak and Cherry11

White Oak and Cherry14 White Oak and Cherry04 White Oak and Cherry06 White Oak and Cherry13 White Oak and Cherry12 White Oak and Cherry03 White Oak and Cherry16 White Oak and Cherry15 White Oak and Cherry10 White Oak and Cherry08 White Oak and Cherry17 White Oak and Cherry02 White Oak and Cherry18 White Oak and Cherry09 White Oak and Cherry07 White Oak and Cherry01

A bowl for Clive, a mantle for Tanner, and a spoon and a saddle (I am only responsible for the plaque, which is in hedge and walnut) for Harold.  This weeks bonus image is a little tree frog freshly emerged from my son’s tadpole nursery.  I trust you’ll forgive so many images of one bowl when you consider how stunning the character of the grain is from every angle.

Spout Root Spoon Route

spout root08

Black walnut spoon with carving and ebonizing.  It is for sale if you would like it.

spout root09 spout root12 spout root13 spout root07

spout root15Osage Orange long handled spoon.  It too is for commerce.

spout root14
spout root16 spout root01

Here is a little of that walnut spoon before it was finished.  The black or ebonizing is made by brushing a little bit of vinegar that has iron oxide (rust) dissolved in it.  It reacts with tannic acid in wood and turns black on contact.

spout root02 spout root03 spout root04

Now that our does have freshened with the wholesome milk of provision we have soap abounding.  It’s good stuffspout root05 spout root06

Spoon Root

Pear and osage.  Pot and spoon.  Turn and carve.  Root and hold.  Turn to bread.


carven pear wood spoon


roots grab earth


grow tall


charred a little for contrast


carved with prairie dwellers


wheat and bluestem on an osage vessel


also burned a little prairie fire


with the remnants of earlier dwellers


light as a feather


another pear wood spoon



From the Song of the Ancient, here is a small turned and carved vessel in black walnut and osage orange. The idea isn’t fully formed or unified, but it is advancing. As the yellow osage wood ages it will turn a deep red-orange, nearly as dark as the walnut.
Sangreal Vessel 1A

Sangreal Vessel 1F

Sangreal Vessel 1C

Sangreal Vessel 1D

Sangreal Vessel 1G

Sangreal Vessel 1E

Sangreal Vessel 1B